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    From all the Treo users, I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say it's good to have you back....

    Now let's start posting again..............
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    looking better than ever i might add
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    Woo-hoo~!! We're back in action!

    Edit: Whoa, my old avatar is back and I lost 150 of my posts.
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    Yes...I was in Treocentral withdrawl!!! It's good to be back, but... all those lost posts!!! *sigh* Soooo much info lost...very unfotunate.
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    I've missed my daily fix of TC. Glad to have you back!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by limoman
    I've missed my daily fix of TC. Glad to have you back!!
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    its good to be back god have i missed this site

    i ahave also lost most of my posts i did have about 45
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    nice to see it back, was getting worried there for a while
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    I must admit I missed you guys. I checked this forum at least 20 times a day to see if it was back. Even when I was doing something else I was wondering if the forum was back up. Now that is pathetic. I think I am going to sell my Treo and lock myself in a room until I'm through the withdrawal stage.
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    its does look real nice, I must say
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    I've spent this time away getting couseling; I couldnt deal with the trauma brought about by the board being down.

    So, on that note, I just wanna know....who do I fwrd the bill too?

    Welcome Back T|C
    ~ ScandaLous ~
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    I just added loads of wallpaper to my site as I was dealing with withdrawl....
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    Dohh! Seeing as I registered after March 1st, I've had to register again! Hello again everyone.
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    Yep, I registered in mid-March or so and had to re-register also. No problem, just nice to have it back!!

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    relief! what a bummer with no tc each day!! great to have you back and looking quite good i might add. well maybe its time to reinforce treocentral! we can build it to be better, stronger, and faster!!! lol

    anyway, welcome back.
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    Thank goodness it's back.

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