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    I am in the process of converting many films/toons to Kinoma pdb files to watch on my palm to and from work.
    Currently I have a number of films ripped from dvd/vcd and plenty of simpsons, southpark, futurama etc ...

    My problem is that I would like to store these somewhere online so I can download them at home or at work.

    I know I could just have them all on cd and carry that around but that only holds 10 southparks or 2 movies

    Does anyone know where I can store them online?
    I use imagestation to store my pics so they can be viewed / downloaded from anywhere.

    Is there a similar sort of thing for pdb's?

    I am also happy to share these with anyone else who is interested too, although I am not sure how copyright works in this case.

    I have tried to host them from my work pc over the net but the firewall will not allow ftp, plus my ip keeps changing every few days.

    thanks in advance

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    Maybe we can work something out on some of the Wweb sites that I host.


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