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    I'm looking for ways to sync my 600 without using the cable (which isn't always with me).

    I'm having trouble with the IR sync to my Dell Inspiron laptop, on the 600 I sporadically get an error message that the connection could not be established. Other times it works. I haven't figured it out yet. Anyone know something about this?

    Is it possible to synch via internet somehow, either to a secure internet site or to my home computer?

    Is it possible to sync to my SD card? I don't have the special backup card, just a regular card that I'm also using for pictures, music, etc. Can I sync to it somehow?

    Thank you.
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    bettyboop, hope you don't mind me jumping in with you -

    i cannot charge or sync my phone because the charger and accessory connection is broken. (i'm pretty sure of this - tried 2 different chargers.) before i send my phone to palmOne for repair, i would of course like to save my data. can i save my data using only a memory card, ie no need for a connection to the pc or software? if so, what kind of card is most suitable for this purpose? fyi, running really low on power, down to 30%.

    thanks in advance for your help and apologies if my question is elementary.

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