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    seidio has updated there pictures for their Swivel Clip Holster for Treo 600. take a look below.

    It doesn't look like the extended battery will fit with this case either. I was kind hoping that it would, oh well. Still kinda steep, $28. And it still says unavailable, but since they changed their pictures, it leads me to believe that they will be producing them soon, at least this year yet i hope.

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    looks strange to me. how is the treo supposed to stay put?
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    Looks like it snaps into the fingernail-looking grooves on each side of the Treo.

    Those grooves are pretty thin, so I can't imagine the plastic piece that snaps in there could be very strong.

    I wonder if you'll be able to remove it with one hand. If it's got two of those release buttons, then it might be difficult. I guess since we can't see the other side, the button might be just on the side we're looking at. Still, I can't see how you'd press on that and pull at the same time.

    Actually, now that I look at it, I guess you'd press to release, then tilt the top out, rather than sliding the Treo up. That seems doable.

    I really like the idea of a holster, and prefer a fixed clip (as opposed to a button swivel), but I think I'll wait for the Teski one.

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    Would be nervous to use this. There should be more support at the bottom just incase the sides of the holster doesn't fully snap into the side slots of the Treo.

    Also, I wonder how easy it is to remove the Treo from the holster using one hand. Can't really tell how it works by looking at the picture.
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    I have the holster and it works fairly well. It is reasonably stable in the holster - no unexpected fallouts - it could admittedly be a little more stable. You can easily remove it from the hoslter with one hand. That is not a problem. The only problem is that the swivel is a little looser than I would like. Additionally, there is a block so that it cannot turn upside down, but it will easily jump the block while you try to turn it horizontal. In fact, the first couple of days, I did not realize that there was a block at all, I just figured you could turn it upside down if you wanted. I personally do not like the current leather cases, but I do want to be able to clip it - so I guess this is my only option, I hope this helps,

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