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    I was trying to access a site today on my Treo 600 that had an .asp extension. I got an error saying I needed a plug-in or something to read this file type. Any recommendations?
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    Sounds like the page wasn't kicking out the correct HTTP header... Probably more of a problem with the site than with your treo.
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    .asp means "Active Server Pages", which means the web page uses scripts on the server side that generate the HTML that gets sent to your browser. It's similar to PHP or Perl, except that unlike these two methods, ASP only works on Microsoft Web Servers (no big surprise there). This could be a bad ASP page improperly detecting the browser client/version, or it could be a bug in your browser by not knowing how to handle ASP files - it should handle them as HTML.

    At this point, I'd put even money on either scenario. Blazer has done some very weird things for me that any other browser would handle just fine.

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