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    Hey guys and gals...unfortunately I need to get rid of my Sprint phone service. I just can't afford it anymore, as I lost my job and am having difficulty finding a new one. I know eBay is out there for this sort of thing, but wanted to offer my phone to this forum first.

    Sprint Treo 600, box and all the extras plus all the software I've added (including VeriChat and Snapper). I've also fixed the spacebar issue. This phone has been sync'd to a Mac, so I haven't updated the firmware yet. Also included is the Vaja Case, which is black with the beach floater insert and belt just plain awesome!

    Anyway, first $400 takes it. I'll pay for shipping.

    Thanks everyone, it has been a great ride!

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    You have mail
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    you got mail..
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    Check your mail please.
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    Sorry all are late! The guy who didn't post got the he emailed me within 10 minutes of me posting this thread.

    Thread now closed, the deal is done!

    Thanks everyone for your support!

    <span style="color: blue;">Where's the "Make Coffee" button again?</span>
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    Wow, that was a great deal. Congrats to the lucky new owner!
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    Guess I need to go to bed later or get up earlier to snag the good deals. Take care and I hope you situation improves soon.

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