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    1. An ICON in the Application Launcher (button with little house icon) that when selected/tapped, would launch your FAVORITES (Speed dials per se)

    2. An ICON in the Appplication Launcher that when selected/tapped, would launch your CONTACTS (address book).

    3. An ICON in the Application Launcher that when selected/tapped, would launch your CALL LOG (like the one in the phone app that you need to get to with the 5-way).

    These first three will not have a splash screen that pops up after the icon is selected/tapped.

    4. An application that would let you beam your business card with a press and hold of a hotkey (i.e. Your phone hotkey, like the old school PDA's (Visor, Visor Pro, Visor Edge and most Palm Pilots do)

    So there you have it, the four apps. I have contacted a person to write these. This person knows the PalmOS and has done some pretty cool stuff already. This should be a smooth proccess, if I am lucky as smooth as elysian9 getting TST to come to life.

    The more support we get, the faster this will happen.
    It can be a contrubution or a payment I assume?

    Who wants one,two, three, or all four of these? Who would intertain this if they were happy with the results. Who wants to plege reguardless, who wants to plege that they will pay if they like them?

    What would be a fair price if they were on PalmGear or handango?
    $2.99? $5.00? Please give your input about these and prices.

    As each one comes to life, I will then start a thread for said app and that way it can be tracked and commented on.

    Let's get the ball rolling and then fine tune the detials.

    Thanks for reading this, and your supprt (either way), Matt Burkhard

    ICON to Launch Favorites
    ICON to Launch Contacts
    ICON to Launch Call Log
    Beam your Business Card with a simple press+hold of a hotkey

    Burkhardi - $40 reguardless
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    I hope this is not small fish, but I can give $10 per app w/o eveing seeing it.

    So I pledge $40 twoard the making of all four!

    Thansk, Matt
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    I know an icon to launch favorites and contacts already exists..

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    I've seen a thread or two about getting the Contacts icon, but don't recall seeing one for Favorites. Can you point me to it?

    As for the apps, the beam app doesn't interest me much. I've got a Contacts icon by making a copy of the ROM app in RAM, but might be interested in an approach that took less RAM.

    Direct access to Favorites and the Call log might be nice, but not something I consider critical for me. If the price is modest, I'd probably buy it for convenience. But it's not important enough to me to pledge a significant amount of money.
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    Aren't there already a half dozen apps d oing these things? Maybe I'm not getting a good enough visual, cause I can't picture anything I can't already do.
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    I've got a Contacts icon by making a copy of the ROM app in RAM
    meyerweb, which file did you copy to do this?
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    davidr, The existing Contact icon one has an obnoxoius Slapsh screen that pops up each time you launch it.
    Where is the Favorites one at?

    meyerweb,. THese are not ground braking apps, but rather somehting that should have come w/ the Treo perhaps(IMHO)?

    Anyway, I see your point, that is why I am asking who wants 1,2,3 or all four, which ones sound good and would you pledge or buy?

    There are no prices yet, this may never even get off the gound if there is not enough interest. However, enought $1-$2 (or more) pledges will get us there.

    So basicly, if I read your post correctly, they sound like apps that you may use, but they are very limited in what they do and therefore would only warrant a very small amount of money. If there were free, you would do it, but if they cost more then a buck or two, then you may not want one or any.

    Very fair assesment, thanks for the input!! I suspect a lot of input like yours ,(support, but just for a very low amonunt) based on them not beeing very powerfull. Thanks for your honest assesment.

    Alli, Not trying to sell you anything, if it's not for you , that's fine.
    I don't know of any app that lets you beam your Business Card like the old Palm did and I am lazy and it's a pain for me, to hit the phone app, go to the menu and then hit the beam Bussiness Cars. I rather just be able to press one button and always have that option. But that is JUST ME, other may find that useless and that is fine too.
    You say there are a dozen or so apps to already do this, I keep up on this board and the Treo pretty good (so I thoght) and don't know of any, except the one that does the contacts and it has a pop up screen (splash screen) that pops up when you launch it. Where can I find these dozen or so? If they are already out there, then that is awesome and this issue is over. I would like that!

    Also, you said " Maybe I'm not getting a good enough visual, cause I can't picture anything I can't already do.", very true, perhaps I am just lazy.
    If this is the general consensis, then there is no need for these apps and if there was, the price should be low or free.Thansk for your honest answer and letting us know what your view is.

    Thanks to all that answered thus far, yea, or nah, Matt

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