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    After using the Lightwav Tria and buying and installing I have
    found it to be verrrrrry disappointing. Continuosly soft-resets
    the 600 at unexpected times. Toysoft sends me suggestions etc,.
    and keep's telling me "wait till the next upgrate". All I can say is
    I'm waiting for my next American Express bill and letting them know I've expressed my disappointment with both the seller
    and application developer.. and at this point will likely ask for my
    money back.

    FRor all you potential LigjtWav buyers I suggest you hold off.
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    I accidentally posted this in Hardware instead of Utilities and it
    was 'sposta be a reply to someone else wo also had problems
    with lightwav. (And I can't find that thread!!! arg).

    anyway ... it's one of those days
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    Just to post a counterpoint, I have had absolutely no problems with Lightwav. It was a bit funky getting it set up and performing the way I expected (from my 7135 days), but now I am happy with the app.

    Good luck with your problems. Hopefully you can get it figured out!
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    and i just received an update that works famously
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    what update did YOU get? I got nada for a week now!

    "it's not the quantity, but the quality"

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    Well earlier I got V1.3, then about an hour ago I got V1.3.1... 2 updates in 1 day, I did not even get a chance to install V1.3 befire V1.3.1 came in.
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