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    I've searched around TreoCentral and haven't really found a streight answer to this: is there any way to view videos sent to your Sprint Treo 600 from a Sprint Video Mail phone? The video type is Quicktime (.mov).

    Even if there is no way to stream the video, is there a program out right now that can play .mov files without you having to send the video file to your computer and convert it and then send it back to your treo?

    When a "Video Share" is sent to a Sprint phone that does not support video, there's a link that says "forward video to email address". So, if there's a program that will play .mov files from the Treo, the Video Share could be forwarded to email from the Treo and retreived on the Treo.

    I'm just trying to find a way to do this all on the Treo, I dont want to have to go back and forth on the computer.
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    I belive that the forwading to a email address just forwards the URL to another email. Still would have to use a browser to download the link. Maybe there is another browser that would allow you to download the MOV file localy and use one of the video app to play it?

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