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    From Sprint?

    "Get a FREE PCS Service update by dialaing *2 on your PCS Phone today. The update occurs while you listen to a brief message. Once completed, hang up!"

    What the heck is this all about? Why do I need to call today? what does it do? Is it to my benefit? What is a "service update"? An updated PRL, or do they try to insert some code in the vision service?

    I can't call and ask them what this is about, because once I dial *2, this process starts.

    Has anyone done this "service update", how great is it.

    Gee, i'm glad it's free. Why would I pay for something that I don't even know exists.

    Free. Call today. Sounds kind scammy to me.

    Anyone else get the message?
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    Okay, so i'm the only one that got it.

    Now i'm paranoid.
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    It's probably an updated PRL (primary roaming list). Essentially a list of cell towers your phone can connect to.

    Definately do this, your coverage will improve.

    Dial *2. After identifying your language you will be told about the update and to please wait while it's transfered.

    That's it. Simple. Although I had to do it twice to get the updated PRL.

    To see your PRL version hit menu/i from the phone app. You should be at PRL version 10021
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    And no, I never got an SMS message telling me to do it, but I did get an SMS telling me about the ROM update.
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    Thanks, I have 10020 right now.

    That must be it (at least I hope so).

    After several years, I don't always buy the "We're from Sprint, and we're here to help" line. Don't ask me why. I don't feel like typing that much.
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    I just did it, and now I have PRL 10023

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