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    I am using a Sprint Treo, Hardware B with the 1.10 Update. Up until today, the HS Mail app was working very well. Today, when I attempt to retrieve mail, I get the "connecting to" screen and stays that way. I checked another account...I get the "connecting to" and then...nothing. It is, therefore, not a sprint email-specific problem. My vision is working fine. I can browse using Blazer. My Mail just seems to hang when attempting to retrieve. A soft reset did not fix the problem. I did a search and did not see anything relevant. Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be? Should I delete the program and re-install it?
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    As of 2:50PM Feb 25, there is an east coast wide problem on the Sprint PCS vision network, causing all IP client applications, such as EMAIL, to time out. Calls to Sprint tech support provide no solutions, other than to "reset your treo 600 by removing the battery for a few moments", and...."re-install all your applications." Evidently, everybody on the East coast knows there is a network problem....exept for Sprint.
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    That would explain it. It worked fine yesterday and then this morning I started having trouble. I guess we have to suck it up and wait it out. I checked the communication log in the Mail App. It said that it "timed out" after 60 seconds. I hope it gets fixed soon. One crappy workaround is to log into the Vision homepage and get my Sprint email on the web. It works but it is inconvenient.
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    I just checked my email on my Treo and everything is fine. Woohoo!!!

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