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    I have a question re connecting to the Internet via the Treo 600 and Cingular.

    I have THREE pre installed connection methods on my Treo. Their names are as follows: Wireless Internet (GPRS), Cingular (ISDN), Cingular Express (GPRS). Username and APN's are all different. Is there a drawback or advantage (costwise or otherwise) to using one over the other?

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    I was told by Cingular that their product service name for the Treo 600 is Cingular Express GPRS. They advised using it.
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    You should only have 2 pre-configured settings once you put your SIM card in and it is identified as a "Cingular" SIM, Cingular and Cingular Express. The Wireless Internet one that you're referring to also is a dial up connection and shouldn't be gprs as you mention.
    Cingular is your dial up connection. Your connection is dependant on minutes used and is a slower connection speed. It will come out of your total monthly minutes allowed.
    Cingular Express is your GPRS always on connection and counts the amount of data transferred in Kb and not minutes used. Your speeds are a little better with this connection and calls can still come in while your transferring data. This connection method can also be a lot more expensive depending on the data package you commit to and don't exceed it.
    If you use the dial up connection, any calls that might come in will go straight to voicemail.

    Hope this helps!
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