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    I have kind of a weird problem. My phone works, the built-in browser works, but none of the other applications wants to work now.

    I spoke with tier 2 support and they originally told me to uninstall and reinstall all apps, but then the guy caught wind that the support guy next to him was dealing with a similar issue.

    Is anyone else having problems running applications other than the browser? Any ideas if this can simply be a network issue?

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    No, you are not alone..and sprintpcs tech seems to be clueless..there is another thread in the Sprintpcs section.
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    I'm in N.Y. and just tried Verichat, Snapper and Business Connect. They all worked fine. Has your problem been resolved?
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    I'm in Upstate NY and the problem has been resolved.
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    had same problem this morning, opened a service ticket. vision was re-provisioned which fixed it.
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    Working like a charm again. Just in time for my workout. (can stay on the excercise bike for hours if I can IM and surf the web )

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