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    Anyone experience the party receiving SMS msgs from your Treo 600 getting the same msg twice or even worst, the msg I send in the afternoon will sometimes arrives 12 hours later and wake them up 2 or 3 in the morning. I'm using a Treo 600 with sprint and the receiving party is using t-mobile. Thanks, and appreciate any insight.
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    I am on a Srint Treo600 and I get doubles too from time to time (sending wise). It started for me when the new MO-SMS was rolling out.
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    Indeed, this will have nothing to do with the handset, it is likely that both the delay and duplication is occurring between SMC and recipient. Once the message sends from the handset the originating details play no part in delivery to recipient. This is basically a transaction between the SMC and recipient. The SMC is reliant on the recipient handset sending a receipt acknowledgment back to the originating SMC within a "timeout" period or the SMC will view this as a failure to deliver and resend.

    Delays/timeouts can occur due to signalling issues in the air interface, the Core network and is even more likely if sending across networks as the receipt ack. then has to go through your network, ingress/join another and get back to the originating SMC.
    Signalling congestion in any part of the above can cause duplication/delays.

    The only other option would be that the network is requesting a resend from the handset because it has failed the message delivery to the SMC due a transient problem, this would not be normal behaviour.

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