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    Does anyone know how to disconnect an active GPRS data session other than having to select 'disconnect' in the network/prefs app?

    I guess there's no harm in leaving it connected other than I suspect it may draw down the battery a little quicker. Thoughts anyone?

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    Won't affect either way, there is no transmission involved with staying connected, it is rather a setting on your Serving GPRS Support Node on the network side.

    The only problem appears to occur if your Treo resets itself and forgets what state the connection is in. The network in this case does not receive the correct disconnect request and leaves the PDP context active, generally have to wireless off/on before setting up another after handset has fully started(even if you need to manually wireless on on startup). This will differ if your network allows multiple active PDP's against an Access Point.

    As for query, not that I know of, anyone know a an app. or how to write a Macro which will fix this setting to a button?

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