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    Anyone have a clue why this happens.
    I have 2 USB ports on my PC and when I go to Hotsync , if i use the first one it dosent hotsync but it hotsyncs in the second one.

    I checked both USB pors and they both work with other thngs such as a usb mouse .

    Atleast one works but just curious why this happens.

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    same thing happens to me with a brother printer in a usb hub... every time i want to print I have to change which usb port its plugged into
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    I've had this happen too...I think it has something to do with the install. It must assign some logical USB location and if you change it, it doesnt like it...I wouldnt worry about it though

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    my sister has a new VAIO that exhibits the exact same hotsync problem. I thought it was a bad port....
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    Have you tried the palmOne USB Registry Utility for Windows?

    I saw it up on their website the other day. Never used it myself.


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