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  1.    #1 on the VERGE of buying a treo600...

    my ONLY issue....i dont really care about lack of


    ive read these boards FOREVER regarding all the issues people have about the screen....

    is the screen quality the same as the TREO 90?
    ( i have one of those and was wondering if its the same..that way i can kind of see what it looks like?)

    Whats the final word on the screen resolution...?
    If i were to load movie clip...would the colors SUCK?

    if i were to surf the web..would graphics SUCK?

    I currently have a the screen quality the same?

    lots of hoping to get some DEFINITIVE help in my all have GREAT feedback.

    Thanks in hoping you guys would be so kind as to try and answer each question...ive searched and read the board....but am looking for final answers on the issues above.

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    The screen is a bit of a sacrifice, but one that I think Handspring had to make. The Treo600 is not for watching movies or playing games, when it comes down to it. Images from the built-in camera generally look much better on the computer than on the phone.
    But, that said, it's not terrible by any means whatsoever. The Treo 600 is a phone first, and the lower-res screen probably gives you a lot more battery life than the latest technology would. The good thing though is that you get one of the brightest PDA screens there is. Colors are good, and you'll finally be able to use your phone in the sun (which is worth more to me than resolution, personally).
    I really love the T600, but it all depends on what you are looking for. If you need a phone/palm in one, there really is no better package.

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    The screen is much better than a treo 90. It is packed into a smaller area and appears much less pixelated than the 90. It is also very bright. For a low res 12bit screen it is very good.
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    Originally posted by spiffyguyc
    The screen is a bit of a sacrifice, but one that I think Handspring had to make. The Treo600 is not for watching movies or playing games, when it comes down to it.
    I do not agree with that. I've put plenty of movies / shows on my 600 and they look just fine. Sure it would looke BETTER on a higher rez screen, but they look pretty good to me and definitely watchable.
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    I came to the Treo 600 from a hi rez Sony Clie. The screen on the Sony is definitly better for showing photos, but the Treo is better than I expected. While it's only 160x160 resolution, the smaller screen means those pixels are closer together than they would be on a larger screen, and pixel density is actuallly more important than the total number of pixels when viewing a photo. The 320x320 Sony still has a higher pixel density that the Treo, but not by as much as the numbers make you think.

    On top of that, the Treo screen is amazingly bright. I thought my Clie screen was bright and legible (especially compared to my previous Palm IIIx), but now it seems dim and dull. The extra brightness really does make a big difference.

    Web graphics actually look pretty darn good, just **small**. As for color, it's pretty weak on reds, like a lot of other LCD screens. My Sony T665 is better, but I think the Treo is on par with the Sony T615. (I'm sorry I can't compare it to either the Treo 90 or Sidekick.)

    If viewing images is your primary consideration, I'd go look at Sony Clie's or Palm Tungsten series. Otherwise, I think the Treo does a pretty good job, especially considering everything else it has to offer.

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    I think the screen does just fine. It's no Clie but in exchange you get a phone. BTW: I view Kinoma flics all the time and they do fine by me. I'm not expecting DVD quality on a phone. It's a privalge to just be able to do this and so much more on a freaking phone. Go for it!

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