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    My 300 is still under warrenty, but the battery is about gone.

    Others have posted here that Sprint will just replace the 300 when this happens, but is the 300 even in stock anymore?The local Sprint store here has removed the 300 from the display.

    Anyone replaced a 300 this last month or so??
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    I have replaced two this month....Al least Sprint replaced them for me...but they really dont know much about the 300
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    Well, since this appears to be one of the last threads that was saved before the crash, though.t I might as well give an update.

    I got my original 300 last summer. It was obviously one of the later generation models as it had the beefed up hinge and no Turbo Drain issues.

    Although I had issues with Sprint from time to time, the 300 itself worked perfectly. No troubles really until the battery started not taking a charge.

    In any case, took my 300 into a sprint store. The store had no 300s in stock and said I had to call Sprint. Called right from the store. Sprint said I had to take the phone into the store! Phone rep said they dont send out phones anymore

    Although it took some very humorous conversations between the store clerk and the sprint rep. The store rep was finally able to convince the phone rep that there WERE no 300s around to give me and they HAD to send me phone direct from Sprint.

    Well the phone arrived overnight with a return prepaid overnight envelope. I actually had my new 300 within 24 hours of my call. Moreover it was a new phone, not a refurbished one with all the accecesories.

    The only difficulty is that they did charge my account for the price of the phone and, even though I returned my old one right away, it took several weeks before that charge came off of my account and I started getting calls that my account was past due. Needed to talk to billing seveal times, and get to a supervisor, before that one was cleared up.

    New phone working great, seems to be a brighter screan than my old one. I AM going to get the insurance though as soon as my warranty runs out.
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    they replaced mine today (broken hinge), free of charge since it was under 6 mo. old.

    I was trying for a 600, as this is my 2nd 300 that broke, but the dude at the sprint store wouldn't go for it. said third time would be the charm—if it breaks again, he'd get me a 600.
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    I just got a 600 replaced by the sprint rep at the store. I had 3 of the 300 's in 18 months, told the lady that a 4th 300 (my replacement was 20 days old and was terrible) would not be acceptable.

    She agreed and gave me the 600.

    Be cool with the reps, don't beg, but let them know that the 300 isn't a quality phone and they might go for it.

    Good luck.

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