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    Originally posted by spiffyguyc
    Really, as long as you aren't walking around snapping pictures of this and that, I think you're fine.

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    This comes up from time to time for me. When I get my new Treo next week, this is my plan:

    Have treo in a case that covers the camera.

    Security Guard: Are you bringing in any electronics?

    Me: Laptop and PDA/Phone

    SG: OK go ahead, or

    SG: Any cameras or recording devices?

    Me: There is a Camera on my phone, but I have it disabled for security reasons. (will have it software disabled like has been discussed before).

    SG: OK go ahead, or

    SG: Show me

    Me: try to take picture, show whatever error message that software generates.

    SG: Go ahead, or Sorry you have to leave it.

    Me: Darn, here you go - or I go back and leave it in the car.

    Basically I am very much not going to volunteer to leave it, but if they really care that much I am not going to risk pissing people off. I have a backup GSM phone (a tiny C333) that I will switch to when I really really have to.
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    As promised. The NoCam Treo 600.
    Mind you that there's still some polishing work to do in order to fade the painting borders.
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    Another image
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    I have been going in and out of my local courthouse alot lately (I'm having to evict someone), and I ran into this situation. When I first went in, they looked at the back of my Treo and noticed it had a camera. They said I couldn't bring it in. On another occasion, I went in, gave them my Treo, and he didn't even look at the back and let me through. It really depends on the security. If you ask me the security is pretty much a joke. As someone else mentioned in this thread, I also have travelled extensively through airports in the past couple of years(since 9/11). I've been out of the country a couple of times and domestic probably three times as much. Every single time I had a small knife on my keychain that I keep forgetting to take off. Every single time I give my keys to the security person before I go through the metal detectors. Every single time they didn't even come close to seeing it. I would say I've done that a good 20-30 times. Do you feel safe when flying?
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