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    Handspring says they're going to send me a replacement phone because the spreaker on mine is broken. They didn't give me a hard time before agreeing to send the new phone, but they also said that it'll take them 2 weeks to get it to me. Anyone know what the current wait time is?
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    i had the same problem and logged it on feb 9th. i received the replacement on the following monday. the new unit works better (so far). originally they told me the replacement would be in my hands in 3-4 business days. the replacement treo has the handspring brand, and the hardware is a 'b'. the fw is 2.04. i will wait and see how this one works for a few weeks before i think about upgrading to fw 2.08.

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    I logged mine in for replacement on 4-7 and am STILL waiting for a replacement.... no answer to my emails either....
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    My replacement is supposed to arrive today. They are also sending me a free car charger and a 3-stylus set to thank me for waiting.

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