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    Handspring says they're going to send me a replacement phone because the spreaker on mine is broken. They didn't give me a hard time before agreeing to send the new phone, but they also said that it'll take them 2 weeks to get it to me. Anyone know what the current wait time is?
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    I don't know how long the cue is, but these phones are garbage... My speaker is also broken. My previos treo 600 lost its ability to dial calls of synchronize. These things are garbage. handSpring's Quality Control is horrible. If my third Treo breaks, I suggest class-action suits!

    BTW, the Treo 300 wasn't much better... It took almost a years for two of those to fail (broken hinges). With the Treo 600, I've had two fail in about two months! Now that's progress!!!!!
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    Spring said I'd have a replacement in 2-3 business days... last time it took three weeks. We'll see....

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