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    I was wondering what you would reccommend for a professional looking case. I do like the sideways one but concerned about access. I also like the Belliagio case but concerned about protection. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    The two cases I have used look very professional, mainly because they are very simple. The original iPod case is very plain and looks nice. It does hold the Treo vertically.
    I am currently using the Covertec horizontal case in black, and I think it looks very professional. The magnetic clasp is great, the belt clip is very snug, and the case is thin enough to slip into a pocket without much bulge.
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    I really like the Covertec horizontal case. Very well made, looks good and works well
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    Anything leather for the most part looks professional.
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    I want to add to the Covertec Horizontal case recommendations. I have it and I feel it looks very professional (Black one, btw). Looks good and I hardly 'feel' it on me, most of the time. Also, with some practice, one handed operation of getting it out and in is possible.

    But, to be honest, I haven't used any other case, but I am very happy with the Covertec, so never had to try another. Highly recommend the case to anyone.

    Hope this helps.
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    A case does not get anymore professional looking than the Piel Frama for the 600. Expensive? Yup. Classy, world-class craftmanship and great customer service? Yup, yup and another yup.
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