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    I was wondering if the 600 comes with a case in the box so I can keep it somewhat protected until I get another.
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    yes it does - but it's nothing to get excited about ! A very basic plain black holder - you can't use the treo in the case unfortunately. Search around in the acessories threads for reviews of other cases available.
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    Sprint Treos come with the plain top-entry slip case, nothiing to write home about.

    Cingular Treos come with the horizontal side case with a basic belt clip. I prefer the latter. Don't know about AT&T, T-Mobile, or the Unlocked Treos direct from Handspring.

    Anyways, the Handspring Horizontal belt clip case is simple, but looks professional enough, and holds the Treo securely. It's what I use most of the time.

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