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  • 'Free" WAP/GPRS access

    1 14.29%
  • $4.99 T-Zones

    1 14.29%
  • $9.99 T-Zones

    0 0%
  • $20.00 unlimited data plan

    5 71.43%
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    I have looked through most of the posts, but everything seems so contradictory and unclear. Maybe we can get a few things sorted out here. There are several ways to hit the internet from a Treo 600 using T-Mobile service:

    1: Use the 'free' WAP/GPRS service, with restrictions on access (what are they?)

    2: Use the $4.99 T-Zones program, with some restrictions on access (what are they?)

    3: Use the $9.99 T-Zones program, with some restrictions on access (how is this service different that the $4.99 service?)

    4: Use the $20.00 unlimited data program, with no real restriction on access (incl., I think, HTTPS access)

    So, what's better here. For me, I want to pay as little as possible, but I need HTTPS access to my credit card and bank statement, bill pay, etc. Is there a noticable difference in speed of service?

    Also, I put up a poll for us T-Mobile users. Maybe we can get some consensus on what's the best/most economical/preferred plan.

    Again, I know this has all be covered at some point, but for us new guys its hard to piece it all together from several different threads with conflicting points of view.

    In advance, I thank you all for your indulgence......
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    I got a rating without a reply. Interesting. Well, anybody want to help me out?

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