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    My T-Mobile Treo600 just arrived! Not much time yet to check it out ... also want to charge it for a while ... but I'm surprised to see the Handspring Flip logo, not PalmOne.
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    Hi Andy,

    Which country are you in and which hardware revision do you have? (see phone application, options, phone info, behind hardware)

    Have fun with your treo!!!
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    I just finished charging mine and it came with Firmware 2.05, Hardware B. In fact, I can't see any difference between it an my Cingular with one exception...

    My T-Mobile doesn't appear to have the blue speckles of death problem? Have to play with it some mroe to make sure.

    I can find no t-mobile specific features. No ringtones, no spash screens etc. Looks like a completely generic phone to me.
    Jake Pratt
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    To the new owners of your Treo 600's....don'cha just feel proud!
    ~ ScandaLous ~

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