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    Hello. I was about to get a Sprint T600, but with all these thread regarding network search, battery drain, loose pieces issues and stories of people having to get replacements often, I am having second thoughts.

    So I've started to consider getting the Samsung i500.

    My priorities are :

    1. Good Internet accesibility. How does i500 compare in terms of being able to log onto secure websites and being able to handle java?

    2. Email capability.

    Any comments on these issues? Should I be getting the i500 instead?

    Thanks in advance.
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    1 - the default browser is an older version of Blazer, you would have to upgrade.

    2 - It handles email with a 3rd party application, so you can get the same type of email access however read my comments below:

    I switched from a T600 to an i500 a while ago when my Treo broke because Sprint did not have inventory to replace the Treo. Needless to say I was counting down the days (and hours) until the inventory was replenished so that I could once again have my T600.

    While the i500 seems to have an appealing form factor, the reality is that it is next to impossible to control and navigate the UI with one hand. It uses what I believe to be the absolute worst implementation of the Palm OS ever. In almost all cases you are required to pull out the tiny stylus to accomplish the most simple tasks. And by the way, never ever make a slight mistake while typing because you tend to rely on the 'Back' button which performs inconsistently in different applications.

    Not to mention it's using a dated OS 4.2 which lacks some nice improvements.

    If you are up for a personal usability challenge and would like to try the most difficult phone on the market to operate, then go for it.

    Otherwise, I wouldn't recommend that thing to my worst enemy.

    Based on real experience,
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    I was looking at getting an i500 when I discovered the Treo 600 next to it at the Sprint store. My reasons?

    Older Palm OS
    No Camera
    No Keyboard
    No SD Slot
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    I started out with the i500; I had really really really wanted the Treo 600 but had to wait. So I used the i500 until my Treo came in.

    Anyway, I couldnt see why the i500 cost the same as the 600 and offer less features and an older OS.
    Maybe, just maybe if the i500 had cost $100 less, I might have kept it......then again, no I wouldnt.

    I love my Treo!
    ~ ScandaLous ~
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    I used the i500 for a total of 5 hours before I returned it for a Treo 600. I knew from the get go that form factor was not enough to make me keep it. It's just a very underpowered machine.

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