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    I am a user that uses e-grips on my phone and no other case. I prefer to keep as close to the original form factor as possible. I keep my phone in my pocket (no keys or coins etc...) but just recently noticed that the paint on the 5 way nav key was beginning to peel. Anyone else notice normal wear and tear on their phone? What is your opinion of long term wear on the Treo 600? I have had many phones and usually make my decision partly based on the construction of the phone and if I think they will last without constantly being in a bulky case. As a side note, I do have a case (Handspring slip case) for long trips or if I put the phone in a bag. I am very careful with my equiptment.
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    Peeling already? I'm had mine since early November. I keep it in a shirt pocket most of the time, I only put it in a case when I have to put it in my laptop bag doing through security at an airport. Seems pretty durable to me so far.
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    My wife is very rough on phones. We just got her a T600 last Monday and she had already dropped it while getting out of the car. It was in the HS provided slip case sitting on her lap. I examined the phone after the fall and it appears to have landed on the attenna as it has a nice nick in it now. We'll see how long it takes before we have to get it replaced. I got her the Sprint replacement insurance so I'm not too worried.
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    before my treo was replaced for the network search error, I had it from Oct 18th to about Jan 27. I had dropped it three times with nicks in the antenna, and on the bottom. Took the beating and didn't malfunction. The drops were always waist high
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    My jog button is OK. But I've noticed that the silver paint (GSM version) is beginning to wear away on the bottom corners and very slightly on the little indents on the sides, leaving the white plastic visible. I'm not sure if it might have anything to do with the Seidio holster I've been using recently...
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    Caseless for 5 months (SprintPCS) - eGrips and Boxwave - no wear and tear to speak of!
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    i always keep in my krusell form fit case and it's flawless. it even fell into a glass of water this morning and it's still ticking
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    Shirt pocket? Have you ever dropped yours while bending over? I'd be afraid to keep mine in a shirt pocket. It's always in a zipped jacket pocket or in my pants pocket.

    Quote Originally Posted by bcaslis
    Peeling already? I'm had mine since early November. I keep it in a shirt pocket most of the time, I only put it in a case when I have to put it in my laptop bag doing through security at an airport. Seems pretty durable to me so far.
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    I only use a Boxwave screen protector and it has been fine for 4 months, just 2 chips from dropping it on a heat vent thing. I put it in my pocket along with a Seidio 2-in-1 mess of wires, no worries.
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    Mine starts to peel off around the edge of the screen. I don't really mind though. As long as the screen and buttons are not damaged and phones working, I can live with some wear and tear.
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    The sticker on the back is starting to peel.
    The one that covers the serial number
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    Mine was in a Seidio holster while I was out running - the holster clip slipped off the baby jogger I was running with, and the entire thing hit the concrete (at a pretty good clip, I must say). The phone flew out of the holster and bounced across the street, the SD card bounced out of the phone, and the holster skittered across the road. I put it all back together, and kept on chooglin'. A few minor scratches and it's all fine.
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    I've got chipped paint on my GSM Treo on both bottom corners, a couple spots around the HotSync port, and a little on the top right corner. Not to mention the edge of my 5-way on the right half. Not too noticeable tho. I carry mine in my pants pocket w/ just eGrips too. I'm guessing the wear on the bottom is from putting it in and taking it out of the cradle on my desk at work multiple times a day.
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    I've had mine since early October. I'm on my second set of Egrips (I didn't do a great job of applying the first ones). The Treo lives in trouser pocket and shows zero signs of wear. I do have a screen protector on that is now 6 months old.
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    I have a few nicks from a bad drop but other than that, no signs of wear. (got in October) I previously used only e-grips and a screen protector but got rid of the e-grips.
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    I wore it on my default beltcase to play volleyball last week. No scratch or dent and still working today. Not bad at all if you ask for durability.
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    I rarely use a case, and generally keep it in my pants pocket. I've got no complaints about the finish at all. No peeling paint, no cracks, no other issues.
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    Still have my original (Oct 03) with no drops or scratches yet. I use the Covertec Brown case. So far, no paint loss or problems with the device other than the sync cable is a bit loose when it is plugged in. My Treo performs very, very well after heavy sustained use daily.
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    i've kept it in my pocket for 5 months (geez has it been that long) and it's starting to show some wear at the top right corner. The paint it letting go. Other than that it's still in perfect condition, so i'm not to worried about it. Never dropped it though, so i don't know how it's going to handle that, but judging from above, it should be ok
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