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    Hi all,

    I just got my treo 270 about 2 weeks ago, and I am now discovering the great things I can do with it. I know that it is not mp3 compatible, but I wanted to know if there was a certain software that I can download in order to get music on my treo
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    Sup, after some lengthy research I have figured out an easy way to add MIDIs to the Treo 270. Since this phone is not polyphonic, you will have to edit the MIDI to remove the extra channels. Anyways, this method works fairly well...


    1. Download a MIDI to use as your ringtone.*

    2. Use Swiftlet MIDI Editor to delete the extra channels and save to a new MIDI.
    Swiftlet can be found here:

    3. Upload the MIDI to your Treo using Pilot Install (make sure that the filename length of your MIDI is around 10 characters or less (xxxxxxxxxx.mid).
    Pilot Install can be found here:

    4. In the Treo, use Ringo to load the MIDI and select "Use as Ringtone"
    Ringo can be found here:

    5. In the Treo, go to Prefs and select your new ringtone.


    *Some sites with MIDI's:


    BTW, I have an out-of-warranty Treo 270 with a broken flip and Handspring/T-Mobile want to charge me an arm and a leg to fix it. Does anyone know if there's anything I can do such as fixing it myself or getting the companies to fix the flip? Thanks.

    Peace, dizzy427.
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    I had the same issue.

    Mine broke where the hinge meets the top of the window.

    So here is what I did...

    Search the web for the strongest plastic glue. It is Loctite Quick Set Epoxy. Available at hardware stores. It is a dual tube glue that you mix after it comes out.

    Push it out the dual tubes onto a paper plate. Get a toothpick and mix/stir it on the plate. stir it well for a minute, then use the toothpick to apply glue liberally to both sides of crack. DO NOT TRY TO PUT IT BACK ON TO THE SPRING HINGE YET, JUST SET THE BROKEN PARTS and let them hang. You will need to hold the broken parts together about five minutes per the directions. Let the piece harden/cure (literally) for 24 hours.

    This glue is amazing, I think it might even be stronger than the plastic. I dries hard and clear. You may even fill any gaps in the plastic, if you do it early it will look good.
    Let the piece harden (literally) for 24 hours.

    Now to assemble
    Get a small thin knife/blade and hold in the spring, when you push the spring in, it automatically defaults to the flip "open' position. So slide the flip over the knife/spring with the flip in the open position, the knife will slowly release the and open the spring into its hinge With the knife holding the spring in place the flip back on its hinge in the open position and slowly.

    It has worked for mine.

    Then I would suggest you get a leather cover for the phone (I got mine on ebay) and this will take some of the stress /wear and tear off the hinge and likely cover any glue mistake

    Good luck.. Ya got nothing to loose
    Let me know if it works for you
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    Hi there, can some one help me with the Old Phone ring tone that I can just download and hotsync to my Treo 270? I tried to do this myself, but this is not working.

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