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    Just installed iSync 1.4 and now when I go to Sync my Treo, the unit itself goes into Sync mode, but my Mac doesn't do anything...
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    Working fine for me.

    Does the transport manager load? Sometimes the transport manager will only get as far as "Preparing to Hotsync" and never get to "Establishing Connection", etc. When that happens I just cancel and try again until it works (don't know what's causing it).

    If the transport manager isn't loading my only suggestion is to reboot, which solves the problem for me.

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    Yup. Reboot did it. It is so rare for me to have to reboot under OS X it is usually the last thing I'll check (after cables, other apps, etc.)

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    How do I remove an older Palm profile I was syncing before? I want to sync my Treo 600 using the same name so my unlock codes still work?
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    Actually, you were probably bitten by the Treo 600 USB bug - read about it here.

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    Interesting...but I've not had any problems prior to this - for over three months - so I'm inclined to think, even if there is a bug, that that wasn't the issue...
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    Check out as there is a major bug with the new iSync and Palm HotSyncing.

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