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    Sorry about the first post, it wouldn't let me edit or delete. Here is the message:

    Be very carefull returning your Treo 600 to a Sprint store for the network search problem. I took in my phone to have it replaced and I will forever rue the day. There was a small piece of leaf or twig in my hotsync port. It must have gotten in there when I was on a hiking trip last week, and when I hotync'd, it was mashed down into the back of the port. I had no trouble hotsyncing at all but the manager said that I must have stuffed some food up there and maybe spilled something onto the phone and he would have to void my warranty. As I couldn't see with the glasses I had on, I took it out to my van and with a magnifier and a pin I poked out a piece of stick. I went back in and showed them the tiny piece of stick and that the hotsync port was perfectly clean, with no corrosion, but he said that he had seen it with something in there and that voids the warranty. He also informed me that I couldn't take it anywhere else, as he had flagged my account. To top it off he said my phone passed the test. Now, this is with a phone that has gotten progressively worse and was now at the point where every time you tried to make a call it would just say "network search". So, when you take a phone back, make absolutely sure that there is no evidence of dust or dirt in that port.
    This is the offending store:
    23161 Allen Rd.
    Woodhaven, MI 48183
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    That really is lousy customer service. Have you considered trying another Sprint store? I sincerely doubt these dimwit's even have the brainpower needed to "flag" your account even if they could which I honestly don't believe is possible.
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    Call Sprint Customer Service and ask to speak to a supervisor. Let them know that all the stores in your area are backordered on Treo 600's (that you spent over an hour calling all the store in your area and that their service is slow and awful). Then tell them that you are really upset, that you spent $600 on a phone that is defective and that the Network Search problem is a well known and well documented problem. Many people have reported it on the treocentral forums. You want a replacement and you want it today! You are just so upset that you're ready to cancel your Sprint account!

    Trust me, they will mail you a replacement. Make sure you ask for a prepaid kit to mail the "broken" phone back.
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    speak to retention departnent & definitely take it to another store.
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    is anyone else reminded of a Seinfeld episode?

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    If the phone still works, some, you can sign up for LockLine insurance. You'll have to wait for 30 days to file a claim, but it's better than nothing if Sprint really won't help.
    Bob Meyer
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    Originally posted by ahalvor
    is anyone else reminded of a Seinfeld episode?

    The Phone Natzi!

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    Yes, I have LockLine, as I wouldn't leave home without it. But, I would rather not pay the $35.00, and even more than that, it's the principle of the thing.

    One other question, has anyone else had a Sprint store tell them their phone passed the test but it doesn't work at all. I had to laugh when they told me that they don't try using the phone to see if it works, they just test it.

    Also, I have determined that the phone will work if it is hooked up to a charger but, as soon as it is taken off it, is completely unusable, even with a supposedly full charge.

    Roger Kadau

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