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    IT finally arrives tomorrow, HS sent me a procedural e-mail with instructions for initiating web & e-mail service, but it seems that as of 1/31/04 they are now steering customers toward Visto's MessageXPress which, after the 30 day trial, costs $99/year!!

    I plan to use Snappermail, after reading reviews & comments here. Should I simply install it BEFORE I try to initiate e-mail service and skip the partnered MessageXPress alltogether?

    Thanks in advance
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    PalmOne has a free POP3 email client on their website. If you only need POP3, stick with that. - where early adopters discuss great stuff first
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    Well, check again: when you click the link for treomail you get this:

    [I]palmOne has transitioned Treo Mail service management to Visto's MessageXpress as of January 31, 2004. Visto's MessageXpress provides the same great functionality as Treo Mail, with additional features that weren't in Treo Mail.

    It looks like it's Visto MessageXPress or another 3rd party that HS hasn't crawled in bed with! Visto for $99? I don't think so...

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