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    Just got an email from T-Mobile that my pre-ordered Treo 600 has shipped. Also, status on Handspring's website has changed to "shipped"!!!

    Looks like march comes REALLY early.

    Anybody else???

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    Just got my notice. Hard to believe they actually beat a stated date. Of course we T-Mobilers did have to wait an extra 4 months.
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    when did you order yours??
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    I ordered mine almost immediately when pre-orders became available. The rep I talked to said that I was just the second person who ordered the Treo from him that evening.
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    mine too! whoo hoo!
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    Any chance you could post dates?? I ordered mine 2/11/04
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    I ordered mine on 2/9/2004 at ~10 PM.
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    Trying not to get excited. Ordered on 2/09 also. My estimated delivery date is 2/26/04. Almost time to retire my 180. It has served me well for almost 2 years.
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    Ordered online 09Feb@9:30 Hawaii time. Expected tomorrow (24Feb). Glad I paid for priority overnight.

    I'm calling FedEx to have it held at the warehouse. Lucky I work close by. I can't wait around for delivery guy.

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    ... should have paid for priority delivery, too! Now I have to wait for another 2 days! Damn! I have already waited for ~4 months. These extra two days are going to kill me.
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    I ordered mine at 10a PST on 2/10 (after thinking long and hard about whether i 'needed' a Treo 600). Status is 'Shipped', confirmation email received, ETA is 2/24.
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    Still waiting
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    It's comforting to know that I'm not the only adult in the world whose obsession with reading about, ordering and anticipating the arrival of my Treo 600 has led to, in the words of Alan Greenspan, irrational exuberance. My wife gives me that scornful look whenever she finds me perusing the forums at Treo Central. "How can you spend so much time reading about a toy you don't even own yet?" Sheesh... it's amazing how out of touch she can be!
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    I just ordered mine yesterday!! I hope it ships this week!!!
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    I don't think I'll be able to get any work done today!!

    not like I've been doing any work since October

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    Even though ive waited a long time, once delivered i guess waiting for it to charge the battery for 3 hours will feel like an enternity.
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    ...its even prettier in person.
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    I ordered mine on the 13th around 11 am eastern time. and I'm still at "order received"

    I guess I will part of the second batch the shipped, just hope they ship this week already!!.......
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    WELL Today must be my day!!! My order chaged to credit card approved!!!! hopefully it will ship today!!
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