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    I have been using my treo for about a week and a half now. After about 3 days I found a nasty little problem. The default phone/contact application on the treo 600 can only have one mailing address and what appears to be 4 phone numbers per person. This caused me a problem because almost all my contacts in addressbook (I use Mac OS X) have at least 5 phone numbers and multiple mailing addresses. How am I supposed to use this device as a replacement PDA? Is there any software out there that will sync multiple addresses on OS X? I am at the point of duplicating all my contacts that 'go over the limit'.
    I have tried Adendus Pro.
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    I use beyond contacts as my replacement pim sync and use the built in address book to dial numbers. I let it do a two way sync to Outlook 2k3 and make outllok always overwrite the internal address book that I use for dialing since I never update it (read this in another thread on how to do this). I am not sure how compatible BC is with MAC and I would guess iSynch, but they do have a demo and it is worth a shot to try even though I think they use there own plugin to sync with outlook. Hope this helps out some.
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