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    Just to clarify then, are you only able to use the Treo for voice only and not data?

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    I can use the built in modem to surf the web and get my email via dialup connection.

    The 1x portion (high speed) is disabled because of how they programmed the unit into the Telus switch.
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    I feel sorry for u man.

    Remember... $1.25 just for calling Telus Directory Assistance.

    I dunno, if I were u, enough would be enough. Rogers would be my GSM provider of choice, and Bell would be my CDMA provider of choice. Fido's an okay one crappy reception but awesome prices... Telus is the one to avoid. They've got all the customers, that why they think they can be asses.
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    If I had to leave TelASS I would go GSM in a heartbeat.

    I'd wait for the next GSM version of the Treo (hopefully with wifi, bluetooth and hires screen) and never look back.
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