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    If I receive a phone call while currently on a call - I can answer the second incoming and it puts the first caller on hold. I can swap back and forth with no problem.

    Problem: If I want to hang up on an active call and return to the call on hold, how is this done. Hitting Hang Up hangs up on both calls. If I let the active caller hang up and swap back to the on hold caller, then the Phone Screen shows the caller, (who supposedly hung up), as On Hold. I am not sure if the connection is done or if I am still being charged voice minutes for the On Hold call.

    Bottom Line: One call Active - one call On Hold. How do I disconnect from the active call and return to the On Hold call.
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    Tricky one this, it is hard to know how much input the Operator has in the default phone application. Also network, network manufacturer/s and call direction may play a part but-

    On Orange, if I make two outgoing calls(may require conferencing), I can swap between them and still hang up one call. It will always hang up on the active one. This should then unhold the previously held call and make it the active line, this was using buttons.

    Are you using screen or buttons to swap/hold etc ? The previously held line becomes active pretty fast and the hang up key remains in the same place.

    Suggest possibly test calling and then running through it, I'm always pretty frantic on two calls so I found it easier to get it down under a controlled enviroment.
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    I am always hanging up on the person I didnt want to hang up onw because I dont know how to drop just one call. It will be good to know how it is done.
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    This is a great question. Does anyone know the answer to it? How do you drop one caller and keep the other?
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    Originally posted by GMF
    This is a great question. Does anyone know the answer to it? How do you drop one caller and keep the other?
    I always let one caller do the hanging up, then my phone rings back with the other caller still there; we pick up where we left off.
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    That is crazy tho. This is a phone and should have this very simple feature. I just ran ito this yesterday myself.

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