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    Again, as I and a few others in various forums on this site have stated, the best voice-recorder is voicemail!! Got it?
    Even if they come with an app that could voice-record, I wouldn't buy it if I already can do it.

    For those that don't know(yeah right, you guys are pretty savvy)how to do it;
    Just go into favorites or if you have any msgs tap the icon, homegirl will ask you if you'd like to place a call press "8".
    Just dial your 10 digit # and press 1 to leave a msg for yourself. Voila! Instant voice recorder.
    The sick thing about this 'feature' is that I wasn't able to clock the allowed length of my msg for I got tired of talking! It was well over 5 min.!!! I just hung up because I had other things to do.

    I actually made enough money to buy 30 treos since I create jingos, hum tunes or playback music for execs that I created via the speakerphone. While you are finishing up the msg. your fav. voice-mail midi comes on alerting you and you can of course choose 'ok' 'snooze' or 'go to'. I mean while everyone is waiting for an expensive app to do this thus putting out more dough, I'm actually making money back that I put out for this phone plus all the software!!!! Using an improv. technique!!!
    Just "gangsta" as the younguns say.
    Can't knock anyone for wanting a 'formal' voice-recorder, but I am just trying to help.
    If the treo can't make us manage our lives better, and make us money(optional), (because those cats at Palmone sure are money-oriented), then we just have a toy to impress others while creating more debt for ourselves and our children.
    I think we deserve better.
    With this super-phone, life can be better!
    God Bless(can we still say God Bless?)
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    I'm not sure why you needed to post that three times - you must *really* thing that VM is the bomb. I'm sorry, it's not. I don't want to be fumbling through different numbers to press, wait for beeps or anything. I want to hit 1 button and start talking, press another button to stop. I want my samples to automatically save to my desktop when I synch (a la 'Treo Pictures'), so I can import them into a Speech-Recognition engine. I want my audio to have better quality than garbled cell quality (Sprint's 'Pin-Drop' to the contrary), which may drop out or squib when I'm talking. This is *not* a difficult or advanced application. It needs just one thing: the new 1.11 firmware that exposes the microphone API.

    Sprint is putting off releasing the 1.11 firmware until they can figure out how to make money off the features the new firmware provides. They'll want to have 'Location Services' and 'Notation Services' that they'll somehow be able to meter and charge against.

    They won't give us access to the GPS or the microphone. Palm won't make BlueTooth drivers. Is anyone else getting sick of software vendors not allowing us to use the hardware that's already built into our phones?

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