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    In the never-ending search for a comfortable headset with answer/end functionality and good sound quality; I recently bought the new Jabra Earwave Boom to use with my Treo 600.

    On a hunch I bought the "EarWave Boom For Samsung Phones with a 2.5mm Jack" model, since it has an on/off button and a 2.5mm jack I assumed that it would be compatible. I was correct. The MobilePlanet part # is MP800994, Jabra's part # is WAVESAM302 and it's approx. $29.95 + tax and shipping.

    I've had the headset for about 2 weeks now and am very happy with it. The answer/end functionality works great, the sound quality is great even when driving with the top down on my car and it has a noise-cancelling microphone. I would have preferred to have the answer/end button on the chord rather than molded into the headset but have learned to use it with time.

    Jabra Earwave Boom
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    I have been searching forusm for a good headset - not many recommendations. I found the Samsung mode and a generic model of the Jabra Earwave Boom here
    for $16 plus shipping!

    Not sure if the generic one includes the one touch answer/end though...although i usually just have the treo in my hand anyways

    Anyone else go anythig good to say or a better suggestion?
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    I just bought two headsets at Circuit City:

    1) $20 - Sony DRJ120 - pipe style mic, in ear. See here

    Very light, nice sound, celar voice for other end. No mute/end/volume though but I use the Treo for those

    2) $12 - Belkin Pro Series Straight Boom. In ear, no ear hook needed - stays in nicely. Short boom. Volume and answer/end integrated into ear piece. Very very light and people said I sounded clear. Sound was good as well.

    See Amazon link here . I found it at Circuit City store but cannot find it on their site. Weird. Gets bad review from Amazon but so far has been OK.

    My wife could not hear any diff between the two handlsets I bought - said voice sounded celar with both and the incoming audio was clear. Both are comfortable.
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    I like the Jabra earboom (also the earboom winder).

    I don't know what it sells for now, but I bought it for less then $10 a few months ago. (go to It comes with multiple adapters for different size ears (left and right too). Lastly, it is very tiny so you can take it anywhere.
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    I have never used a headset before, but I like the looks of the Jabra Earwave Boom. I do get sick of holding the phone up for long conversations and when using the speaker function is not an option.
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    Wow, someone else! I bought this 2 weeks ago. I have had bad luck with headsets and have either thrown them away, given them away, or stepped on them, but this is the first one I am happy with and actually enjoy using.
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    I'm getting ready to carry my sons on a 16 day road trip to Co Rockies. I wander if they will help you hear if you're receiving a call? Thanks for the post mforrestor!
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    Can anyone comment on how the sound-quality (how well people can hear you)
    of the Earwave Boom compares to Shure Quietspot or TheBoom ?

    Expect theboom to be great due to its price and people's comments, but am
    interested whether sound level of your voice is low for the Earwave Boom as
    some people have complained about the Shure.

    Also, here is the Samsung model on for about $15...the specs clearly
    say this has the answer/end button. So looks like a good price vs retail of $30:
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    wow that's a decent price. I guess I will have to find a filler to get me to $25 so I can get the free shipping as well.
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    Well a simple search found a nice filler. They have USB docking cradles for Treo 600 for $17.85. Now I can get a headset and the cradle I wanted for the price I would have paid for either one of them seperatly.
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    I found a docking cradel for $14.50.
    For fun & profit & Christ,
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    Basic question for those who are currently using this boom: Can you also listen to your .mp3s through the earpiece? Does it handle receiving calls well?

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    I have the extended battery on my treo 600. Is the plug for the earpiece straight or is it a 90 degree angle plug? The opening for the plug on the extended battery looks a little skinny. Not sure if it will work with just any handfree kit. If any of you have the battery and using a hands free kit let me know how it works out.

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