Again, as I and a few others in various forums on this site have stated, the best voice-recorder is voicemail!! Got it?
Even if they come with an app that could voice-record, I wouldn't buy it if I already can do it.

For those that don't know(yeah right, you guys are pretty savvy)how to do it;
Just go into favorites or if you have any msgs tap the icon, homegirl will ask you if you'd like to place a call press "8".
Just dial your 10 digit # and press 1 to leave a msg for yourself. Voila! Instant voice recorder.
The sick thing about this 'feature' is that I wasn't able to clock the allowed length of my msg for I got tired of talking! It was well over 5 min.!!! I just hung up because I had other things to do.

I actually made enough money to buy 30 treos since I create jingos, hum tunes or playback music for execs that I created via the speakerphone. While you are finishing up the msg. your fav. voice-mail midi comes on alerting you and you can of course choose 'ok' 'snooze' or 'go to'. I mean while everyone is waiting for an expensive app to do this thus putting out more dough, I'm actually making money back that I put out for this phone plus all the software!!!! Using an improv. technique!!!
Just "gangsta" as the younguns say.
Can't knock anyone for wanting a 'formal' voice-recorder, but I am just trying to help.
If the treo can't make us manage our lives better, and make us money(optional), (because those cats at Palmone sure are money-oriented), then we just have a toy to impress others while creating more debt for ourselves and our children.
I think we deserve better.
With this super-phone, life can be better!
God Bless(can we still say God Bless?)