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    I have several different staff members with palm m100 using desktop 2.1 to synchronize calendars. Can is synch my treo 600 with the new palm desktop and still support them?
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    Are you saying you want desktop 2.1 and 4.1 on the same computer? If so, I doubt that's possible, but I'm definitely not certain.

    I'd check with Palm and see if you can upgrade to Desktop 4.1 and still sync with the m100s. I think the answer will be yes.

    If that's true, then upgrade the desktop to the PALM version of 4.1.

    Do you have a test bed you can try this out on? Or at least the ability to restore the PC that's currently used? If so, this experience may help:

    At one time, I had an old version of Desktop (I think) that I was using with a Palm IIIx. My wife got a Palm 515 from work. I installed the new version of Desktop over mine, and was able to sync both palms, using different hotsync names.

    Then I bought a Sony Clie to replace my IIIx. Needless to say, it wouldn't sync with the installed Palm desktop. So I installed the Sony version over top of it. Now I could sync my Clie, but not the Palm 515. So I re-installed the Palm version over top of the Sony version. Now I could sync all three devices!

    Substitute "Treo" for "Sony" in the above, and I suspect you can get it all to work. But I don't think I'd try it without the ability to restore to where you are now.

    Good luck,
    Bob Meyer
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    I had been using Palm Desktop 2.1 and would now like to sync all my data with my new Treo 600. When I try to install Palm desktop 4.1 it says, not able to configure with Palm Desktop 2.1 I am running win 2000


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