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    The smallest Palm-powered phone in the world has been unveiled at the 3GSM World Congress in Cannes.
    Maker GSPDA is bringing the Xplore G88 to the rest of the world after its predecessor - the G18 - met with an enthusiastic reception in Asia. However, any UK carriers have yet to be announced so prices and availability won't be known until nearer the predicted summer launch.

    'We believe that the new G88 demonstrates GSPDA's continued track record to bring innovative and easy to use Palm Powered smartphones to market,' said David Nagel, president and chief executive officer of PalmSource. 'GSPDA is not only an innovator in Palm Powered smartphone design, they also embrace their development efforts with a cutting-edge time to market approach.'

    Indeed, Albert Chu, Palm's VP of business development, said at a demo last week that GSPDA launched its first Palm phone just seven months or so after becoming a Palm licensee.

    The G88 is based on Palm OS 4.1.2 and in Europe will include a dual band 900/1800 GSM radio. It has a 320 x 240 digital camera and a 2.2in 65k colour screen.

    The phone offers SMS, MMS, WAP, email and a Java environment and includes 16MB of RAM and ROM as well as 22MB of Flash memory in an internal card.

    The slide design reveals a numeric keypad and there is also a 5-way jog dial for navigation.
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    Very nice looking phone...

    Lee Ladisky
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    Palm OS 4 and the lack of a thumboard would really hurt this in the U.S. Snazzy-looking, but no better than Samsung's, really.

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    I got the chance to play with the G18 last month in a dealer shop. Cool phone but the only major dislikes is the small screen and the lack of a keyboard (like the Treo600). Not doubt it is much much portable than T600 but i prefer the current Treo600 screen size to this one, easier to see, read, do stuff, email, etc.
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    Yeah this is super small and pocketable alternative PalmOS phone. Definitely would be a device to consider if you didn't want/need a thumbboard. However dual band GMS, negating use inNA, and old OS 4.1 makes it unappealing imo...
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