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    My Treo 600 doesn't have a shortcut to the normal address book. Is it possible to create one?

    Missing this causes a few annoyances:
    -- There is no way to assign a button on the front to pull up the contact list. (Instead, I have to go to the phone then use the jog dial thing, which is more cumbersome.)

    -- There is no way to see the full contact list. When viewed from phone->contacts, the address book only has phone numbers listed. When writing an e-mail, it shows e-mail addresses.

    Any suggestions?

    Do non-Sprint Treo 600's have this problem?

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    There is a utility called treocontacts that will create a direct link to the address book. It will show up as "Contacts" in your launcher. Check the sticky thread about utilities written by Treocentral members in the Utilities section.
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    Yes, I used an app called Alias to do the same.


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