Hi everyone. Sprint got me ported over to their system in a few hours --with my old number intact. Things seem to be working well.

I spent considerable time looking through these forums before posting these questions, because while I saw problems mentioned, I didn't always see definitive fixes or answers.

When I run Verichat I crash hard and frequently. I get a white screen of death and the system is unresponsive, or sometimes the system just cycles endlessly and make a weird clicking sound, like a skipping CD.

I tried to run WebMessenger, but I can't even get it to log me on. I signed up for a trial account on their site, and even when I enter my username and password, it still asks me for my password.

Finally, I am having similar woes to other people with SMTP email. I can receive, but I cannot send through several of my addresses. i tried to configure my mail to the specs outlined in some posts here, and i still can't send other addresses via sprintpcs as my ISP.

Any ideas? I will be eternally grateful.