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    I have a Treo 600 GSM on Orange UK, and I successfully updated the firmware to 2.09 (patched) using the procedure highlighted in some other posts.

    Everything works smoothly, except that I am not able to hangup when I dial a number that just rings. When I press the hang up button, it shows 'Hanging up' on the side but nothing actually happens. It only does so when either <a> the phone is diverted to voicemail or <b> somebody answers the phone. Otherwise it just keeps on ringning and ringing until I reset the phone.

    Any ideas?
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    i also am having the same. i've since been told that the unlock has not been done correct and that it may be done as many times as you need. i am also looking for 2.09 or 'siam921' if you could tell me the site i could find 2.09 and try myself. have you had sound problems as well. if so it is because it hasnt worked properly... be safe gmull
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    hi to all,

    to the author of the unlock firmware 2.09, thanks a lot ..

    however, i have the same problem as the two guys ..

    i cant hang up the call when the number im calling is only ringing ..

    hope you can hepl us on this one ..

    i use the orange network here in switzerland


    seven t

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