Currently I am using the built in Address Book on the Treo600 for my contact database. I am not sure if an add-on (e.g., TakePhone) or replacement (e.g., KeyContacts)

1) Longer note fields - I know that most replacements do this
2) Caller-Id links to name - I know that the native app does this, will the replacements do this?
3) Allow attachments (pictures) from note fields to transfer with the contact or in some other way allow for a pictures to be associated with contacts (not through the favorites thing, I want to do this with a large number of contacts and don't care if it comes up on caller-id). I have some memory issues and it helps to have a face associated with a name on my mobile device. I have heard of an add-on to the palm desktop that does this, but I need it to work if I have my contacts in Outlook.
4) More complete Outlook Linking (e.g., all the addresses, phone numbers, etc.) - I know that most replacements do this with varying degrees of success
5) Good 5-way navigation of the phone list for one handed dialing is a plus - I hear that new versions of many replacements are adding this feature
6) > 15 categories is a plus, but not required - I know that most replacements do this.