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    ....take files from my PC that I have loaded onto my SD card and view them on my Treo?

    I take pics with no prob, then move them to card and view on PC...but I have some Excel files I want to save on a card and open in Quicksheet and cant seem to launch files from card icon and cant open files off card on Quicksheet.

    ANyone got some advice?

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    Nope, but I can give you advice on how to use subjects that mean something. Try to pick out key nouns and verbs and put them in the subject.

    Yes, I'm being wise, but I hope you realize that it really blows having to wait 10 seconds on a slow connection just to find out what the thread is about.
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    How do I...
    Are you able to locate the file on your card from the treo?
    If not, try using an app such as Filez to locate and then open.

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