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    I`m looking forward to buy the Treo 600, but it isn`t available anywhere in Europe.

    Why isn`t the Treo 600 shipped to Europe ?

    Maybe someone knows when it will be ?
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    It's available in the UK with Orange.

    You could purchase it without a contract from

    It's 597 EURO plus TAX and Shipping
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    Here in Austria (GSM only) getting Treo600s is not much of a problem - while prices are high, availability is, too - even if companies are small.

    oh, and i forgot: there´s no carrier to support any plan, treos come unlocked so one can use them with every SIM.
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    Orange UK have a exclusive distrubution contract for the Treo 600 which ends around April. They should be more widely available after then.

    They ARE available unlocked in some european countries (wade through the Handspring web site and see) but they are very expensive - I've seen up to 700 Euros!

    You can get them unlocked on eBay, or do what I did - get a friend in the USA to order me one and post it over!

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