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    There have been a BUNCH of posts about how your Treo 600 will give you brain cancer. I personally think EM radiation can't be good for you, but what other than exercise, healthy eating, and healthy living IS good for you? Nothing!!

    I would also like to emphasize that if I were trying to 1) sell something, or 2) make people paranoid about this subject that these forums would be a great place to do it. Maybe this has something to do with the radical posts you have been reading? Keep that in mind as you read the other posts on this subject and undoubtedly the responses to mine.

    Here goes:

    First off, you are exposed to so much EM radiation on a daily basis I highly doubt that your cell phone (Treo 600 or not) will make a difference if your body really is susceptible to EM radiation in some way. Think radios, home phones, wireless internet, satellite TV, CRT computer monitors TV's, GPS devices, remote control extenders, your car's keyless entry, the list goes on. Guess what, want to hear the worst part about it? YOU don't have to own it to be exposed to it either!! Go walk into Starbucks to get your Venti Chai Soy Organic Fat Free Skim Decaf Vegan Latte and you are being "cooked" as some like to think by 2.4Ghz WIFI, and countless bluetooth devices (and you thought you were just getting a coffee huh?). You won't find an office on the planet that doesn't have an abundance of RF emissions, and that is where most of us spend the majority of our day. Point being: the abundance of RF in our everyday lives should be your real worry, if you just HAVE to worry about something - not your extremely cool, highly functional, and oh so sexy PDA/phone combo that turns on more women than a red Ferrari. (LOL, j/k!)

    Secondly, if you look at SAR charts, the Treo 600 is up there, but so is almost every other "cool" cell phone on the market today. Guess what? If it weren't your reception would suck! Then you would REALLY be concerned!

    Thirdly, everyone equates cell phones to "cooking you like a microwave". Guess what? Microwaves don't kill you. A microwave OVEN probably would if you found one big enough to fit inside! Before you get so worried, do you even know what a microwave IS!? It's not some magic energy that cooks everything it sees. The way a microwave OVEN works is that it generates opposing fields (of microwave energy) that tumble the little molecules and make them excited. This is entirely different from the way your cell phone works and most other devices that work in the microwave band of the electomagnetic spectrum. So don't be so worried.

    Fourth, in case anyone is curious, the only documented case of cell phones causing a documented problem for a human being that I have EVER heard of involved ANALOG cell phones, not digital:

    I could go like this for hours. What's my point? Enjoy your Treo 600, or whichever cellphone you choose. Trying to pick a low SAR phone is a bit like trying to live in a major city and pick a neighborhood with better air quality than others, in fact it's exactly like that. EM polution has become part of our daily lives just as air toxins (smog) have. Learn to live with it as best you can, minimize your exposure where possible and prudent, and as we learn more about EM emissions we will learn more about how to live with them, safetly.

    Try to just enjoy your life and make smart choices as you go. That has worked for me so far, but I'm only 25, so what do I know anyway? ;-)
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    I didnt vote cause i thought the alternatives seemed a bit harsh, after all i dont want to call an fellow treocentral user a *****.

    I actually read about the SAR values yesterday and i got the impression that the t600 is high in the list together with older outdated phones? The t270 got lower radiation but perhaps thats due to the flip lid causing the antenna to stay a bit further away from the body?

    Im not saying anything about how harmful or not it is, just that its going in the wrong direction when the radiation increase on newer models.

    I think there is a new test where you compare the SAR-value with the phones communication power TCP and you can then find out how much power is actually used for communication and how much ends up in your head.


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