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    So I got ptunes deluxe... and I tried adding a shoutcast I listen to normally at my PC. Its 160 kbps. It constantly buffers in ptunes. Is that bit rate too high? or... is there some setting I have to tweak. Any suggestions welcome
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    I have found that 24kbps will work well without buffering much. Anything higher and you run the risk of tons of "buffering pauses". It is decent sound... but of course not great for music.
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    It depends on your carrier's connection speed. On Sprint, I could sometime connect to 50k bps stations and still run okay. But there is not way you could listen to a 160k station on p-tunes. You could also go to for their list of Treo600 freindly shoutcast stations.
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    Can you list some popular shoutcast stations. I am unsure of the exact URL to enter into my Treo 600 PT apps? Can you give some examples?
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    nm I found them! Thanks!
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    You don't have to type the URL into P-tunes. You could just go to either shoutcast or treobits on blazer and click on "tune in" button. It will take you out of blazer and back to launcher. Start p-tune, and you will be playing that station, then you can just bookmark that station.
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    I agree with "Need" in that Treobits offers all your shoutcast needs...and more
    Treo 600 friendly website with Ringtones, Shoutcast Feeds and more...
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    My fav station is here in Austin. They are a npr station, so no commercials. They play a variety of great music throughout the day/week; from local, upcoming folksey, blues, country, to the Greatful Dead hour on sat. night. They offer streaming in all formats, so I tried from my Treo and got the mp3 stream working and bookmarked in Ptunes. So obviously, Ptunes can play any station that is streamed in the mp3 format. Who's got some good ones that we can listen to????? You've got mine, now check it out and give me some more.

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