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    I have recently changed-over from the 7135 to the CDMA Treo 600. The one thing that I found most pleasing was the battery life. I no longer feel like I always need to be charging. Finally, I have a true wireless device. I use it all day with barely a drain.

    However, I had the following thing happen to me twice:

    I leave the Treo next to my bed charging in the cradle overnight (no, it does not have it's own pillow). I clearly see/check that the unit is charging. By the morning (actually, well beforehand), it is fully charged. Steady green light and all. Twice I removed the unit and suddenly, I was down to 1/2 a charge!!

    I think that both times, my BackupBuddyVFS did a 7a.m. scheduled back-up immediatly before I removed the device from the cradle.

    I changed my back-up time to evenings to prevent this from happening, but why would this occur in the first place?
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    Perhaps this is not relevant, but with my Clie I would charge it and after a full charge the battery meter would still show low battery state when I first turned it on after charging. It was only after I used an application then went back to the meter that it showed full charge.

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