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    Yesterday I have spoken with a easter rabbit of PalmOne and he claims the treo 600x will not come out on my birthday (march 1), but around easter. The 600x will have a microwave, bluetooth II, xtended hres and 1 Gb memory. Current 600 owners can change their treo for free during the easter days at any international airport worldwide in all countries were the treo 600 has been sold. The only restriction is that this topic will have more hits from Santa Claus than the treo 610 one.
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    Just 1 question: What's an airporst? <g>
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    Originally posted by meyerweb
    Just 1 question: What's an airporst? <g>
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    Off course it wont be released on your birthday on the 1st, they are saving it for my birthday on the 2nd.
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    My vote is for April 1st!
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    If you call into Sprint Business services, it will be available on February 31st!!!

    Act now, and get a jump on everybody else!!
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    what's this all about?
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    Making fun of all the Treo 610 rumors.
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    Easter and Osama go together?? I also heard that THE Osama will be captured 1 week before the Nov election (except this one is going to be true) ...

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